Get your instagram game on point, cause the Sexpot Selfie Showcase is heading to the Oriental Theater! 

On October 24th, not only does Sexpot's own Andy Juett turn one year older, but Hampton Yount, Drennon Davis, and Sammy Arechar are all coming to town in to crash this birthday bash alongside Aaron Urist, Anthony Crawford, and host Jordan Doll!

Featuring pre-show hijinks and hilarity with Jim Hickox during SEXPOT VISION, $10 gets you into this party, which will rival every Chuck E. Cheese shindig you had growing up COMBINED. 

We'll also have a photo booth from Clique Pics for you to get your selfie on!

Sponsored by Denver Relief, Twist & Shout Records, Birdy Magazine, and Sexy Pizza. 

Here's some info on your headliners Hampton Yount and Drennon Davis, as well as info on out-of-towner Sammy Arechar:

Hampton Yount was born, raised and educated by wolves. He's also a comedian and writer. 

He's so silly.

Hampton started in the DC area where he grew from the worst comedian in the world to the second worst comedian in the world. Eventually he won local competitions (DC Improv Funniest Local Comedian 2008) and then set his sights on Los Angeles, where he currently resides. Over years Hampton has been on Conan, Last Comic Standing, and Adam Devine's House Party.

From his elaborate characters and sketches, to his provocative songs and animation, Drennon has made a name for himself as one of the most innovative minds in today’s comedy scene. His live performances of the Imaginary Radio Program combine live music and beat-boxing with one-man sketches into a show that the Los Angeles Comedy Bureau writes "not only lives up to its name, but exceeds expectation in what you could possibly think it is." Drennon was recently featured on Comedy Central's new show Adam Devine's House Party, NBC's Last Call and was a semi finalist on Last Comic Standing. His new animated show The Long Legs can be seen on MTV's rebirth of Liquid Television in 2013.

He was recently featured in LA Weekly's Top 10 Comedy Acts to Watch in 2014.

Sammy Arechar is a Milwaukee-based comedian. His sense of humor and stage presence that is often described as “personified chicken salad” has landed him spots opening for comedians such as Ari Shaffir, T.J. Miller, and Broken Lizard.